Angry Birds Become Billionaires

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Below you can find the ownership breakdown of Rovio which was first published by ArcticStartup.

Kaj Hed / Trema International Holdings BV 69,7%
Niklas Hed 4,3%
Peter Vesterbacka 3,1%
Mikael Hed 0,6%
Employees 1,3%
Accel Partners 10%
Atomico Invest 10%
Felicis Ventures 1%
Total 100%

What’s remarkable is that one man actually owns 69.7% of the company. Kaj Hed also happens to be the father of Niklas Hed, COO of Rovio. Niklas also happens to be the cousin of Rovio Chief Executive, Mikael Hed. The final member of the management team, Peter Vesterbacka, CMO, has managed to acquire a 3.1% stake in the company over the years.

Something worth noting is the very small percent of shares that CEO Mikael possess. As a cofounder, you’d have to think that there is some sort of internal arrangement that has ensured him fair compensation if there were to be an IPO in the future.

The company is currently valued at up to 9 billion US Dollars. The management team (Heds + Vesterbacka) own 77.7 percent of all oustanding shares which translates into 7 billion between the four of them. Not bad…not bad at all!

You’d have to think that Accel and Atomico are pretty happy with the decision they made to invest $42 million into the company not too long ago. They’ll be cashing out big as well.

Rovio has also been on the record saying they do plan to go public. There is talk about an IPO in Hong Kong as early as next year. Definitely something to keep an eye on.


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