How To Watch US Netflix in Mexico in 2017

Updated – March 28th, 2017us netflix in mexico

Note: The program I use to watch US Netflix in Mexico is called ExpressVPN.

If you don’t know what a VPN is you can read more about it here.

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How To Watch US Netflix in Mexico

Netflix is quickly expanding and it’s exciting exciting to witness. 2016 will be a massive year for the Netflix Company and the share prices clearly indicate this.

US Netflix In Mexico

source: Google Finance

However, while Netflix expansion is exciting, it comes with some limitations.

Let’s take the case of Mexico. Netflix expanded into Mexico not too long ago and began offering their instant streaming service to anyone in Mexico who wanted to sign up. But, Mexican Netflix customers are not signing up for the same service that US Netflix users are using.

Why? Beacause Netflix isn’t legally allowed to stream all of their content in Mexico. In fact, the vast majority of the movies and television shows that are available on the US version of Netflix are not available on the Mexican version of Netflix.

Let me break this down for you even more clearly. When you log onto Netflix from Mexico, Netflix knows that you’re in Mexico and will thus show you the Mexican Netflix Library. However, if you were to take those same login credentials and login to Netflix from Los Angeles (or anywhere else in the US) you’d be able to access an entirely different Netflix Library – The US Netflix Library.

Today, on Thursday, February 25, 2016 the Netflix Mexico Library has 637 TV Show Titles available and 2859 Movie Titles available. This may seem good but when compared to the US library with 1081 TV show titles and 4579 Movie titles, you might start to think you’re getting ripped off!

This isn’t anything fancy. All Netflix is doing is reading your IP address to determine where you are in the world. This is the same method Netflix uses to prevent people in non-Netflix countries from accessing their service.

Anyway, in the rest of this post I’m going to show you how to access The US version of Netflix from Mexico.

How To Access US Version of Netflix From Mexico

us netflix in mexico

To access the US version of Netflix from Mexico you need to change your Mexican IP address to a US IP address. By far the easiest way to temporarily change your IP address to an American IP address is to use a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. A VPN is essentially a connection to a remote server through which you’ll be able to browse the world wide web. VPNs have many interesting applications including security, data protection, and privacy. In our case, we’re going to use a VPN to change our IP address!

Note: Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of a Virtual Private Network. You need absolutely no technical experience to follow this guide. My 12 year old sister was able to do it!

Personally I’ve tried more VPN clients than I care to admit. Most are okay but not all of them will work with Netflix due to slow server speeds. The program I use for streaming different versions of Netflix is called ExpressVPN. In the rest of this guide I’m going to use ExpressVPN to demonstrate how to watch the US Netflix in Mexico. You don’t have to use ExpressVPN. I can also recommend IPVanish.

Here are some other things you might like about ExpressVPN: It works on Mac, PC (Windows), and Linux computers. It also works on Android and iOS devices.

This is what ExpressVPN looks like on a windows operating system.

This is what ExpressVPN looks like on a windows operating system.

Connecting to the VPN is extremely easy as you can see from the screenshot I’ve included.

You can select the IP address you’d like to use from the “quick VPN country change” drop down menu. There are many locations to choose from and ExpressVPN is always adding new servers for you to use.

Once you’ve selected your new IP address and established a connection (this takes under 10 seconds) you will be able to log onto to and signup for an account. All you have to do is stay connected to ExpressVPN and you will be able to stream movies and TV shows from the US Netflix in Mexico!

I hope you’ve found this guide useful and I hope you enjoy the US Netflix library from Mexico.

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