Why President Obama Should Start Blogging

Recently I wrote a post on Why Everyone Should Start Blogging

I should probably clarify that when I said “Everyone” should start blogging…I meant EVERYONE.

Yes, that includes POTUS (President Of The United States).

Why President Obama Should Start Blogging

Now listen, I’m not completely uninformed about how big of a job it is to be “leader of the free world.” After all, I did watch all 7 seasons of the West Wing 😛

On a serious note though, I do understand that the guy has a busy schedule.

It’s just that…I don’t care that the President of The United States has a busy schedule.

I’m of the belief that, regardless of how busy his schedule gets, the President should be blogging.

Now, when I say The President should blog, I don’t mean the way The White House currently blogs. You can see the current White House blog at WhiteHouse.gov/blog

Quite honestly, The White House blog is…well it’s shit (excuse my French Mr. President).

The posts on The WhiteHouse.gov blog talk about countries the President is visiting, people he is meeting with, and bills he is signing. Occasionally there will be a video of the President talking to what appears to be a White House reporter.

What you won’t find are posts where the President talks to the people.

Now I’m not saying the President needs to sit down and write his own blog posts. We don’t expect our Presidents to write their own speeches let alone their own blog posts.

What I’m suggesting is that the President start talking to the American people through a blog.

As the elected leader of The United States, it’s the President’s job to communicate with the American people. But communication has changed in the last few decades and, to keep up with the times, American Presidents must adapt to stay in touch with the people they serve.

Sure – there are sound bites from speeches on CNN and Fox News. I also am aware that there are quotes from the President in newspapers and on blogs. But this isn’t good enough.

As humans living in the connected world of the 21st Century, we want more and we need to demand more in terms of communication from everyone around us. Why should the President of the United States and other world leaders be exempt from this?

Now I must give President Obama credit – he’s by far the most tech savvy leader we’ve had in quite some time.

The guy has a blackberry (although he should get an iphone), he has a macbook, and he can occasionally be seen using his iPad. That’s pretty good to be honest!

The President is also on Twitter with 18 million followers.

President Obama On Twitter

BUt have a look at some of the President’s recent tweets below…

What I don’t understand is why the President doesn’t use twitter as a way to talk to the over 18 million constituents that follow him. How about a tweet like “Great meeting with the Fed Chair Today…” or “Busy day at the office, relaxing with Michelle and the girls…”

President Obama also has 27.5 million “likes” on his Facebook page.

President Obama on facebook

Another opportunity to talk to over 27 million constituents directly…

Now let me clarify something again…I’m not saying the President should be doing his own tweeting. I really don’t care if it’s a staffer writing his tweets. All I’m saying is I want the President to talk to me, to the American People, and to the world.

About 130 million people voted in the 2008 Presidential Elections.

The president has over 27 million facebook fans who like him giving him an unprecedented opportunity to speak to a huge number of potential voters. Talk to them Mr. President!

The point I’m trying to make here is that blogging and social media is an incredibly powerful platform that can be used to spread ideas and voice opinions. For the first time ever, world leaders have the opportunity to address people directly, not through sound bites on the evening news or quotes in the morning paper.

Let’s put the Facebook fan page and twitter profile aside. To be honest, while I think President Obama could be using these forms of social media in a much better way, I’m just happy to see he has an active presence online.

With that said, 160 character updates about the status of the country isn’t what I’m looking for and there’s only so much you can share in a Facebook status update. That’s why the President should start blogging.

Even as an expat living in Budapest, Hungary I’m still a taxpayer and I make it a point to vote (I will be sending in an absentee ballot in the fall). In my mind, that makes me a stakeholder in the American Government.

So as a “stakeholder” in the American Government, I’ll tell you what would be awesome.

I’d love to subscribe to President Obamas RSS feed and get updates sent directly to me.

I’d love to open my Google Reader when I have the time and read what my President has to say to me.

I think the President owes it to the American people to address them directly and I think blogging is the best way to do it.

It’s 2012 President Obama. Start Blogging.

In the spirit of the open platform behind blogging, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you think the President should start blogging?



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