How To Live an Unconventional Life

September 12, 2014 About a week ago I had an unexpected business lunch with two very good friends here in Budapest. I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical before the meeting I’m often pitched business opportunities and partnerships. The problem is most of these “opportunities” are simply distractions that take away from my main projects. This […]

Fast VPN

What do we mean by fast VPN and what is the fastest VPN? For speed and consistency of speed, we have tested dozens of VPN companies and recommend these three as they are the fastest VPN we have found: HideMyAss Express VPN IP Vanish But subject of speed is more complex than you think.  It […]

Secure VPN

What is the most secure VPN.  What does it mean to say that VPN is secure? VPN and Privacy You use a virtual private network (VPN) when you want to protect your traffic and identity from eavesdropping by hackers or not leave your footprints all over the internet by broadcasting your real IP address and […]

The China-Vietnam Conflict and the Internet

China has challenged the USA and its allies Japan and the Philippines by unilaterally expended its maritime borders into areas claimed by the Philippines and Japan.  It has also done this to Vietnam, who is not an American ally, so would not enjoy protection by the American Navy. China has incredibly has set up an […]

Best VPN for Business

Updated – June 27th, 2014 There are 3 reasons a business might need VPN: connecting business users to a private VPN server, like HideMyAss, so they can surf website privately connecting employees to the business’s own network from the outside (i.e., the public internet) connect one office to another We will explain options for doing […]

How to configure your DNS settings to bypass the Censors

In this document, we are going to explain how to change your DNS settings to bypass the censor.  We will do this for Windows 8.1. When do you need to Change your DNS Settings? When do you need to change your DNS settings?  In China, Iran, and other countries. the government has set up DNS […]

Why I’m Bullish & Buying Bitcoins

Updated – April 16th, 2014 Disclaimer: First off, I’m not a certified financial planner nor do I ever plan to be. I’m also not advising you to go buy up Bitcoins right now. You’ll have to make that decision for yourself. The purpose of this post is to tell you why I’m bullish on Bitcoin […]

The OpenSSL Heartbeat Bug

Updated – April 12th, 2014 The OpenSSL Heart Beat Bug Alert! The New York Times and with The Washington Post decided to print on page 1, above the fold, earth-shattering news that the internet security we all use for VPN and entering private data into encrypted web sites has been foiled.  Today, presumably any Chinese […]

What’s New On Netflix in April 2014: ‘Braveheart,’ ‘Mean Girls,’ ‘House’ And More

Updated: April 1, 2014 As always, the beginning of another months means an updated Netflix instant streaming Library. Here’s a list of new Television shows and Movies to keep you entertained in April. This update is to the US Netflix Library (If you’re outside the US you’ll need to follow this guide to access the […]

How Tracking Cookies Invade your Privacy and What you can do about it

Updated – March 27th, 2014  Have you ever noticed that you visit a web site and then you go to another and there is an ad there based upon what you were just looking at?  That is because advertisers are tracking your movement across the web, so they can present you targeted ads. There is […]