Hi, I'm Jordan Fried

 & I'm on a journey to make life extraordinary.

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Who is Jordan Fried?

I grew up in Buffalo, New York and I'm the second oldest of 10 children. Family is everything and mine is pretty amazing. More on that here. 

As a child I was obsessed with starting businesses and I'd force my brothers and sisters to come work for me. 

Some of my childhood businesses included selling used golf balls, dog poop removal, selling video game currency (which I'd later get sued for) and many, many more.

In 2011, I packed up everything I owned into two duffel bags and moved from Buffalo, New York to Budapest, Hungary. 

This move would mark the beginning of what has become an incredible journey in personal development. 

Budapest is also where I first discovered what a VPN was. I spent the the next 6 years selling VPNs, starting a VPN company, and eventually selling the software company. 

Today, in 2017, I'm on a journey to make my life extraordinary and to help as many people as possible do the same.

Through 30 day challenges, life-hacking experiments, interviews with industry leading experts, and simple trial & error I'm on a journey to learn how to live better and I'm committed to sharing everything with you along the way.

Join me & let's make life extraordinary together.